Meet the Artist

Julian Damone

Born and raised in Oakland ca, singer, song writer, rapper, producer "Julian Damone" is quite the talk of the town. Julian comes from a family of vocalist. His mother and grandmother both grew up singing gospel in the church. His Grandfather was an accomplished organist who also played in the church. With these three combinations, this was the perfect recipe for success. Julian was always singing around the house, and rhythmically bumping on tables and walls. By the age of four, he was playing the drums proficiently, and by the age of six, it came to no surprise when he started playing the piano. 

His strong families gospel background, made a great training ground for his heart rendering vocals. Julian is one smooth tenor, who engineers all of his projects, and he will surprise you with his verbal rap technique. He has a very subtle, charming way about him. When you see Julian  perform live, he will truly have you fully engaged! This is one person who is genuine about everything he does. He is very family-oriented, which provides the strength needed to make it in this industry.  

For the past 15 years, Julian has perfected and made music that makes you feel his passion. While his peers were getting in trouble in the streets of Oakland, Julian overcame adversity by perfecting his craft through music. Like many of the great artists that has come before him, his favorite musical influences were" Donny Hathaway", "Stevie Wonder" "Michael Jackson" and "Rudy Currans", as well as his family members. Julian's smooth, poignant and hypnotic vocal style will leave you captivated. Whether his music is about Love, Hate, or Peace, his rhythmic  ability that he delivers on stage will leave you absolutely astonished.

Julian has electrified the stage across the states, Philadelphia, Houston New York LA, Miami, and playing in a rock band in New Jersey. He recently rocked the show in Los Angeles, opening up for Musiq /soul child at R&B Live. Julian has a hit new single called "Lights," and you can catch him on his weekly podcast called in the zone. So turn up your volume and stay in your zone! Look out world! Here comes Julian Damone!